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Ligura region Italy The territory of the region is a long, narrow coastline on the border with France, around the Genoa Gulf, and, thanks to its position, enjoys a wonderfully mild climate and a picturesque landscape, with a mountainous hinterland, constellated of medieval boroughs among a rich Mediterranean vegetation.

Liguria, also known as The Italian Riviera, is a narrow land squeezed between mountains and sea with mild climate, breathtaking views, spectacular cliffs, colorful fishing villages, secluded bays and hidden art treasures.
In Liguria, at a close distance you have mountains, sea, vineyards, beaches and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. When everything is at your fingertips, it is easy to be tempted to see and do as many things as possible, even if you don’t have too much time.
Liguria’s capital is one of those captivating Italian cities that remain off the tourist radar.
When visiting Genoa, it’s great to see both its famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as the hidden corners, moving around like a local through lifts and funiculars. It’s also ideal for street food!
This is one of the best ways to fully appreciate and respect nature, to explore hidden corners and to find amazing panoramas, for example in the Cinque Terre National Park and Portofino Regional Nature Park.
Despite the rocky and steep territory, Liguria produces wine since Etruscan and Roman times. Some vineyards are cultivated in steep slopes accessible only by foot or boat, and that’s why the viticulture is defined as heroic.
Pesto is the product that represents Liguria in the world.
When visiting the Italian Riviera, not only can you taste homemade pesto, you can also join a cooking lesson to learn how to make it with a marble mortar and wooden pestle!
The small fishing village of Portofino has become a symbol of luxury lifestyle and a center of élite tourism. You can arrive there in style by boat, to admire its unique beauty and colors from the sea.
Chill in the “piazzetta” square, dine in its elegant restaurants and shop in its glamorous boutiques. And make sure to visit its charming neighbors – Santa Margherita Ligure and San Fruttuoso.
The history of Liguria’s olive oil dates back to the 14th century and is full of interesting facts and legends for you to discover while strolling among the olive groves that overlook the Mediterranean Sea.
Visit the villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, and the local amazing, yet delicate, nature.

This fishing village is one of the more famous Italian Riviera towns and its idyllic harbor hosts luxury Yachts alongside rickety fishing boats. Since the 50s it has been considered one of the best places to visit in Italy by Europe’s jet set and still attracts its fair share of A and B-List Celebrities. Portofino stands out from other “celebrities-vacation-here” towns due to the natural beauty of its harbor and the regional park that envelops it and extends to multiple towns along the coast – perfect for hiking on flower-lined trails! The best place to view this picturesque town is from Castello Brown, a small house/museum tucked away in the hills above the harbor.
In Portofino, the clear sea reflects the pastel colors of the facades, the sky and the nature surrounding the village. All in perfect harmony.
Rapallo is a beautiful Italian coastal town but it’s particularly famous for the small castle in its center. The castle was constructed over 450 years ago to protect Rapallo from the attacks of pirates who ranged across the Mediterranean from ports within the Ottoman empire and the Barbary Coast (the old name for the area we now call the Maghreb).
For a taste of a true Italian holiday, look no further than Santa Margherita Ligure. Lined with swaying palm trees and ornate villas, this Italian Riviera Town is an interesting blend of beachside resorts and old world charm. It also boasts a deeply rooted fishing culture.

Liguria is a land of incredibly varied panoramas, full of hidden wonders that are often not found in normal tourist guides.
Italian is an online travel guide about Liguria where you can find the main places of interest, activities not to be missed and tips for organizing your visit.
You will discover the sweetness and tranquility of the lifestyle that you live on the Ligurian Riviera:
the climate, mild in winter and cool in summer, combined with a food simple, genuine and tasty products make this strip of land on the sea a paradise one step away from the largest cities in northern Italy.
Bordighera is a city on a human scale, alive but not chaotic, where easily make friends at the beach, park or cafés of the old town.
Dolceacqua The town of the Dorias.
Ventimiglia Beauty has no boundaries.

The coast is divided into two very different sectors: the eastern side, called Riviera di Levante, is full of cliffs over the sea, with very beautiful landscapes like Portofino and the Cinque Terre, while the western part, the Riviera di Ponente, is all bays and beaches.
Liguria is covered with forests of chestnut trees, oaks, beech trees, and a wealth of flowers, for which the region is the main center in Italy.
There is some agricultural activity, mostly olive trees and vineyards, though the main resource of the region is undoubtedly tourism and trade through the ports, especially Genoa.
The Provinces of Liguria:
Province of Genova (GE),
Province of Imperia (IM),
Province of La Spezia (SP),
Province of Savona (SV)

Liguria, sometimes also called the Ligurian Riviera or Riviera of Flowers is a term that conjures up images of palm trees, tulip fields, beautiful coastline and rich culture. Ligurian Riviera stretches from the French border in the west of Italy to a city of La Spezia.
317 km long coastline is mostly rocky, but there are lots of places where you can swim, it is full of picturesque bays as well as long sandy or flint beaches suitable for children. For those of you, who want to spend quiet holidays at the sea, we recommend bathing on a rocky coast, which is sometimes difficult to access.
For tourists the area is attractive also for its proximity to famous places in France like Monaco, Monte Carlo, San Remo, Cannes. Genoa (Genova) is a Capital of Liguria which is a very important port in Italy, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and the cradle of excellent football team.

Selected places to visit in Liguria
Apricale village
Caves of Toirano
Cervo – one of the most beautiful towns in northern Italy
Cinque Terre and Via dell’ Amore (Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore)
Genoa – the most important port in Italy and birthplace of Christopher Columbus
La Spezia – one of the most important cities of the northern Italian region Liguria
Moneglia – a small holiday resort on Riviera di Levante
Portovenere – one of the most romantic villages on the Ligurian coast
San Fruttuoso Bay
San Remo
Sestri Levante promontory and the Bay of Silence (Baia del silenzio)
Val d’Aveto
Varigotti’s beaches

What to DO in Liguria?
Eat pesto con le trofie. A local kind of pasta with the most famous Ligurian sauce.
It is a symbol of Liguria. You can find it in every restaurant in Liguria.
Take a bath in the Ligurian Sea, especially if you are in one of the most beautiful beaches in Liguria.
Take apart in Rolli Days – open days of palaces Rolli that are inscribed on the UNESCO heritage list.
If you cannot arrive in Genoa on that dates, no worries, some of Rolli palaces are opened all year long.
Drink SCIACCHETRÀ, fortified wine from Cinque Terre. It is intensely coloured, golden-yellow and offers aromas of honey and white blossoms, with hints of citrus.
A real delicacy…
See Festival Andersen in Sestri Levante.
It is a meeting of the best street artist from all over the world. Every year street theatres come to Sestri Levante and show their performances on the streets of the town. It is a great attraction, especially for children.
See the biggest Christmas crib in the world in Manarola. Wintertime, when Cinque Terre are very calm and the Christmas crib is illuminated during the evenings is very awesome.
Find a small sculpture of a dog sculpted in the facade of San Lawrence Cathedral of Genoa.
There is a legend that narrates that this dog saved the life of its master during the cathedral construction.
Visit Aquarium of Genoa.
It is the largest aquarium in Italy and also it is the second largest in Europe.
Take apart in a whale watching.
Of course, it is not guaranteed that you will see whales or dolphins … but if you see them it will be the most important memory of your holidays in Liguria.
Eat focaccia di Recco. This kind of semi-liquid cake was recognised as IGP (Indicazione Geografica Prottetta) indication that is reserved for very particular food produced only in very limited zones. Its taste is absolutely out off the roof!

Liguria possesses a number of charming attractions, some of them classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO for their uniqueness and their historical and natural value.
One of these sites is Genoa, a multi-faceted city that combines the ancient with the modern, the past with the present, colors with shadows.
This city belongs to the sea and the sea belongs to it; its culture, places, food and buildings tell the story of the old Maritime Republic.
Anytime one mentions the Italian Riviera, they are talking about Liguria: 186 miles of coast on a splendid sea, the most important feature of this region. The very sea offers a thousand ways to vacation in Liguria, a region that boasts some of the most beautiful marine life reserves in Italy: the Cinque Terre, Portofino, Berteggi, Gallinara and the famous Sanctuary of Cetaceans.
This area has the highest concentration of aquatic mammals in the Mediterranean Sea; whale watching enthusiasts can enjoy a fascinating and instructive experience on these “blue sea roads,” obeserving magnificent specimens of marine fauna. Your whale-watching excursion will most likely include a biologist on hand to disclose details and curiosities of cetacean life, including the regulations that aid in preserving their natural habitat.
When we speak about Ligurian food, we immediately think of the famous pesto, a tasty sauce made with basil, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan, pecorino and extra-virgin olive oil, used to flavor trenette (pasta) or ravioli with borage leaves.
Liguria is also a region of vineyards and olive groves that produce excellent extra-virgin olive oils and quality wines, like Ormeasco and Rossese from Dolceacqua, Vermentino, Ciliegiolo and Bianchetta from Genoa, Albarola, and Pollera Nera from the Riviera di Levante, and Pigato from Salea d'Albenga.

It's one of the most beautiful towns in an Italian region with a roster of villages and hamlets known for their wow factor.
Which may be why Camogli on the Italian Riviera has never really stepped out of the long and glamorous shadow of its neighbor Portofino or become a tourist mecca like the Cinque Terre.
While the Milanese and Turinese have summered here for years and northern Europeans come for the sun and the splendid hiking trails crisscrossing the Portofino promontory, Camogli remains a cognoscenti favorite it's a slice of the Riviera from decades ago, before the designer stores came to line seaside promenades and celebrities to park their yachts in the marinas of better-known Ligurian towns.

Camogli is an exquisite village with a stage-set perfect seafront rimmed with gorgeously colored palazzi and houses.
Focaccia like you've never tasted it before.
Focaccia is to Liguria what bruschetta is to Umbria an essential bread treat that turns up from breakfast to aperitivo.
Hiking trails in Liguria
There are numerous, memorable trails affording spectacular views, for example, from Camogli to San Fruttuoso (a little over four miles), or Camogli to Portofino (7 miles).
Great boating excursions in Liguria
Rent a boat and tour famous nearby towns like Portofino, Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure fronting the Golfo del Tigullio, and farther south the Cinque Terre and Portovenere.

Sanremo Town
Almost to the border of France, Sanremo, or San Remo, is a resort town with a large harbor, a popular casino, good shopping areas, and an unusual historic center called La Pigna, the Pine Cone, that winds up the hill to a mosaic walkway leading to the beautiful 17th century Madonna della Costa Sanctuary. Sanremo is also known for the Italian Song Festival where many Italian musicians have been discovered over the years.
Sanremo is a major stop on the rail line that runs along the coast.

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